Rules to play aquatics

General rules
1. No playing/swimming on handicap ramp
Children five years and older must use the locker room appropriate for their gender. Family changing rooms are available.
Family changing rooms are for family members and caregivers only.
No cell phone usage allowed in locker rooms.
Do not distract the lifeguards.
No rough play in or around pool.
No running on deck or into the pool.
Appropriate swimsuit required.
Inflatable flotation devices are prohibited.
The City of Raleigh does not allow individuals or groups to conduct private instruction at any city owned swimming facilities. Raleigh Aquatics does, however, offer private instruction.
Reasonable and safe accommodations will be made for any guest with special needs, please speak with the facility manager about making these accommodations.
Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult (16+ years old). .....
Water slide
2. All JEWELRY JEWELRY JEWELRY must be removed before using the water slide.
Riders must be at least 48 tall to use the water slide no exceptions.
Riders must wait for the attendants start signal before starting the ride.
At the end of the slide, obey all instructions given by the lifeguard and exit quickly.
No flotation devices allowed.
No footwear is permitted on the water slide.
Riders must walk up the slide stairs.
For safety reasons, the water slide may be closed at the discretion of the aquatic staff any time during hours of operation.
Parents/ Guardians of children under the age of 16 are strongly encouraged to observe the activity prior to deciding whether to allow their child to participate.
Cutting ahead of others in line and rowdy play are prohibited and may result in dismissal from the pool area. .....
Current channel rules
3. Swimmers must be at least 48 tall to use the current channel unaccompanied.
Non swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.
No standing or walking on the water current/vortex island.
Enter and exit only from designated areas. No jumping into the current channel from deck.
No jumping across the deck.
No standing or walking on current channel walls. No stopping, blocking, or moving against current.
No horseplay permitted. .....
Water vortex rules
4. An adult must accompany non swimming children.
Non swimmers must wear a lifejacket.
Swimmers must be at least 48 tall or accompanied by an adult.
Use caution when entering and exiting the water vortex. .....
Zero depth entry pool rules
5. Throwing toys or balls may be limited for safety.
Children must wear a swim diaper if not toilet trained.
No climbing or hanging on play features.
No climbing or hanging from ramp railings or walls .....
Bubble bench
6. No jumping on or over the bench.
No horseplay allowed on the bench.
Do not leave children unattended on the bench. .....
Water basketball
7. Hanging or grabbing on rim is prohibited.
No jumping from side and shooting
Swimmers may only play within area around basketball goals
Only use facility basketball (any other basketballs must be approved by staff).
No hanging on net
During crowded times, water basketball may be restricted.
No excessively physical or rough play water basketball is a no contact activity.
Be aware of other swimmers around you and only aim shots at hoop. .....
Water volleyball
8. Water volleyball is restricted to certain times designated by aquatics staff.
Staff may suspend play or disqualify players for unsafe play.
Hanging or grabbing volleyball net is prohibited.
Net poles and net may only be adjusted by facility staff.
Play is restricted to volleyball pool area. .....
Lap lanes
9. Lap lanes are only to be used for continuous swimming or water exercise.
Kickboards are for lap swimming and instructional use only.
Diving is not permitted anywhere in pool.
Swimmers should circle swim if there are more than two lap swimmers sharing a lap lane.
Lanes may be closed at anytime for programming or other activities .....
Admission rules
10. 1. By purchasing a swim pass or paying the daily fee, you are agreeing to follow all the rules which have been established for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.
2. Please have lots of fun, but do not negatively impact the fun of others.
3. Children 7 or younger must be under the watchful eye of an adult 16 or older.
4. Children under 5 MUST remain within arms length of the parents or guardian.
5. To use the waterslides or inner tubes, swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal, such as rivets, buckles, snaps,zippers, and pockets must be empty.
6. To use the following areas: Lazy River 42 tall Waterslides in Adventure Falls 46 tall Diving Well at Rock Falls Must have passed the swim test for the managers. Patrons who are pregnant or have back/heart conditions should not use waterslides.
7. Appropriate swimsuit required, even if you do not plan on swimming.
8. If you choose to leave for any reason, you will be allowed to repay or rescan your swim pass to enter a second time.
9. Everyone entering the facility must pay the daily rate or have a season pass even if they do not plan to swim.
10. No carry in food, coolers, or drinks allowed in the facility except for personal water bottles with water.
11. This is a tobacco free environment with no smoking or chewing tobacco allowed.
12. Use of facility while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
13. The Falls will provide all inner tubes.
14. Children may have palm sized toy in zero depth pool only.
15. Only Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed in the facility.
16. No PFD such as inner tubes or water wings allowed in facility.
17. No glass containers or any other type of glass allowed inside the facility.
18. If there are any questions or comments, come to the managers office.
19. Avoid prolonged breath holding, this can lead to shallow water blackout and drowning. .....
Drop slide
11. 1. Users must have passed swim test for the managers.
2. Riders must remain seated or on their back with arms in and legs together, feet first while on slide.
3. Riders must exit area immediately by using stairs on the left.
4. No glasses, sunglasses, goggles or other foreign objects may be worn down the slides.
5. Riders must wait for slide attendants signal or green light to flash to proceed down the slide.
6. Only one patron at a time will be allowed down the slide.
7. Maximum of 3 riders on top landing with 2 on each additional landing.
8. No running up or down steps.
9. Swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal such as rivets, buckles, snaps, zippers, and pockets must be empty.
10. Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of slide and failure to follow posted rules or staff instructions.
11. Stopping in flume is prohibited.
12. 300 lb. weight limit per person.
13. Water depth: 12 feet deep .....
Diving board and platform rules
12. 1. Users must have passed swim test for the managers.
2. Make sure area below board or platform is clear before jumping or diving in.
3. Only one person on board or platform at a time.
4. Only one bounce on diving board is allowed; no double bouncing.
5. Only feet may touch board or platform.
6. Immediately after entering water, swim to nearest steps
1 meter right steps
3 meter left steps
7. No chain diving or tag allowed for your safety.
8. Hands must be above head when diving.
9. No glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or other foreign objects may be worn off the diving board/platform.
10. No reverse or inward dives.
11. No inward maneuvers off the diving board or platform. .....
Lap pool rules
13. 1. Children 7 or younger must be under the watchful eye of an adult 16 or older.
2. Children under 5 MUST remain within arms length of the parents or guardian.
3. Patron must pass the swim test for the managers to go in any area where patron cannot touch the bottom.
4. Patrons may not hold others by the shoulders or above.
5. No diving, flips, or somersaults off play features or other areas marked 5 feet or under.
6. No flips or somersaults off the edge of the pool.
7. Must enter water feet first, facing forward.
8. Basketball and Volleyball Rules:
A. No rough play, dunking, or tackling.
B. No hanging on rim, nets, backboards, or poles.
C. Must be in the water to play or shoot.
9. All patrons in the lap lane must continue to swim in a counter clockwise direction.
10. Please swim around or go around the lap lane if you are getting in or out of the pool.
11. Avoid prolonged breath holding, this can lead to shallow water blackout and drowning.
12. No tossing other patrons in the air.
13. No reverse or inward dives. .....
0 depth rules
14. 1. Children 7 or younger must be under the watchful eye of an adult 16 or older at all times.
2. Children under 5 MUST remain within arms length of the parents or guardian.
3. Children must wear a waterproof diaper if not toilet trained. Swim diapers may be purchased at the concession stand and the cashier.
4. No running on deck or into the pool.
5. No diving, flips, or somersaults off play features or other areas marked 5 feet or under.
6. No diving, flips, or somersaults off the edge of the pool.
7. Only Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed in the facility. No other type of floatation device is allowed. .....
Waterslides rules
15. 1. Users must wait for guards permission before going.
2. Riders must be at least 46 tall or be at least 5 years old to ride in the front of a two person tube with an adult 16 or older.
3. Only 4 people allowed at top of slide and 3 on the first landing.
4. User must exit plunge pool promptly after entering the splash down area.
5. Swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal such as rivets, buckles, snaps, zippers, and pockets must be empty.
6. Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of slide and failure to follow posted rules or staff instructions.
7. No glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or other foreign objects may be worn down the slides.
8. Only 2 people may use double tube; Only 1 person may use single tube. 1 person may NOT use a double tube alone.
9. Only one person or tube (single or double tube) may go at a time.
10. No running up or down steps.
11. 300 lb. weight limit per person.
12. Stopping in flume is prohibited.
13. Riders must stay in the inner tube until exiting the slide in the splash down area.
14. Riders must stay seated or on back with arms and legs together when on slide.
15. Riders must face forward when going down the slide.
16. Water depth: 42 inches. .....
Lazy river rules
16. 1. Riders must be 44 tall to ride alone.
2. Enter and exit only from stairs or ramps.
3. Riders must stay seated in tube at all times.
4. A responsible adult may ride a double tube with, or walk along side, a child 3 or older who is less than 42 tall in a single blue tube. One adult may supervise up to two children, each in their own blue tube if they are pushing the tubes.
5. Children who are too small to use the blue inner tubes by themselves (under 3 years old or younger or shorter than 42) may use a yellow tube if they are with an adult 16 years old or older who is walking along side attentively watching the person in their yellow tube. One adult may supervise up to two children, each in their own yellow tube if they are pushing the tubes.
6. An adult 16 years old or older may not push a double tube with two children who are too small to use the blue inner tubes by themselves.
7. Swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal such as rivets, buckles, snaps or zippers, and pockets must be empty.
8. Only 2 people may use a double tube; Only 1 person may use a single tube. 1 person may NOT use a double tube alone.
9. Children may not ride on the laps of adults.
10. Do not stand on tubes.
11. No stopping, holding on to the edge, or hanging from the bridge.
12. Riders must be seated on their back, with legs on top of the tube when on the Lazy River. .....
Non posted general rules
17. 1. Offensive language will not be tolerated.
2. Persons with medical conditions must contact a manager before entering.
3. Swim test consists of being able to swim 15 meters in good form (to be determined by the managers) using rhythmic breathing before going into any area where patrons cannot stand.
4. No camera or cell phone usage in locker room area.
5. Cameras may only be used inside the facility with a camera pass obtained from the manager.
6. Parent may carry their child in the lap pool area to the 5 foot rope provided the child is in front of the parent.
7. Patrons who are wearing offensive or overly exposing clothing may be asked to leave the facility.
8. Patrons who are not wearing appropriate swim attire will be asked to leave the facility or change into appropriate clothing.
9. The managers, due to extenuating circumstances, may wave or modify a rule to accommodate those with special needs. .....
Personal health review
18. A complete health history is required of all participants as evidence of fitness for swimming activities. Forms for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Participants should be asked to relate any recent incidents of illness or injury just prior to the activity. Supervision and protection should be adjusted to anticipate any potential risks associated with individual health conditions. For significant health conditions, the adult supervisor should require an examination by a physician and consult with the parent, guardian, or caregiver for appropriate precautions. .....
Safe area
19. All swimming areas must be carefully inspected and prepared for safety prior to each activity. Water depth, quality, temperature, movement, and clarity are important considerations. Hazards must be eliminated or isolated by conspicuous markings and discussed with participants. .....
Controlled access
20. There must be safe areas for all participating ability groups to enter and leave the water. Swimming areas of appropriate depth must be defined for each ability group. The entire area must be within easy reach of designated rescue personnel. The area must be clear of boat traffic, surfing, or other nonswimming activities. .....
Bottom Conditions and Depth
21. The bottom must be clear of trees and debris. Abrupt changes in depth are not allowed in the nonswimmer area. Isolated underwater hazards should be marked with floats. Rescue personnel must be able to easily reach the bottom. Maximum recommended water depth in clear water is 12 feet. Maximum water depth in turbid water is 8 feet. .....
22. Underwater swimming and diving are prohibited in turbid water. Turbid water exists when a swimmer treading water cannot see his feet. Swimming at night is allowed only in areas with water clarity and lighting sufficient for good visibility both above and below the surface. .....
Diving and Elevated Entry
23. Diving is permitted only into clear, unobstructed water from heights no greater than 40 inches. Water depth must be at least 7 feet. Bottom depth contours below diving boards and elevated surfaces require greater water depths and must conform to state regulations. Persons should not jump into water from heights greater than they are tall, and should jump only into water chest deep or greater with minimal risk from contact with the bottom. No elevated entry is permitted where the person must clear any obstacle, including land. .....
Water temperature
24. Comfortable water temperature for swimming is near 80 degrees. Activity in water at 70 degrees or less should be of limited duration and closely monitored for negative effects of chilling. .....
Water quality
25. Bodies of stagnant, foul water, areas with significant algae or foam, or areas polluted by livestock or waterfowl should be avoided. Comply with any signs posted by local health authorities. Swimming is not allowed in swimming pools with green, murky, or cloudy water. .....
Moving water
26. Participants should be able to easily regain and maintain their footing in currents or waves. Areas with large waves, swiftly flowing currents, or moderate currents that flow toward the open sea or into areas of danger should be avoided. .....
Weather participants
27. should be moved from the water to a position of safety whenever lightning or thunder threatens. Wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash or thunder before leaving shelter. Take precautions to prevent sunburn, dehydration, and hypothermia. .....
Life jacket use
28. Swimming in clear water over 12 feet deep, in turbid water over 8 feet deep, or in flowing water may be allowed if all participants wear properly fitted, Coast Guardapproved life jackets and the supervisor determines that swimming with life jackets is safe under the circumstances. .....
Response personnel
29. Every swimming activity must be closely and continuously monitored by a trained rescue team on the alert for and ready to respond during emergencies. Professionally trained lifeguards satisfy this need when provided by a regulated facility or tour operator. When lifeguards are not provided by others, the adult supervisor must assign at least two rescue personnel, with additional numbers to maintain a ratio of one rescuer to every 10 participants. The supervisor must provide instruction and rescue equipment and assign areas of responsibility as outlined in Aquatics Supervision, No. 34346. The qualified supervisor, the designated response personnel, and the lookout work together as a safety team. An emergency action plan should be formulated and shared with participants as appropriate. .....
30. The lookout continuously monitors the conduct of the swim, identifies any departures from Safe Swim Defense guidelines, alerts rescue personnel as needed, and monitors the weather and environment. The lookout should have a clear view of the entire area but be close enough for easy verbal communication. The lookout must have a sound understanding of Safe Swim Defense but is not required to perform rescues. The adult supervisor may serve simultaneously as the lookout but must assign the task to someone else if engaged in activities that preclude focused observation. .....
Ability groups
31. All youth and adult participants are designated as swimmers, beginners, or nonswimmers based on swimming ability confirmed by standardized BSA swim classification tests. Each group is assigned a specific swimming area with depths consistent with those abilities. The classification tests must be renewed annually, preferably at the beginning of the season even if the Scout has earned the Swimming merit badge.

Swimmers pass this test: Jump feetfirst into water over the head in depth. Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating.

Beginners pass this test: Jump feetfirst into water over the head in depth, level off, and swim 25 feet on the surface. Stop, turn sharply, resume swimming and return to the starting place.

Anyone who has not completed either the beginner or swimmer tests is classified as a nonswimmer.

The nonswimmer area should be no more than waist to chest deep and should be enclosed by physical boundaries such as the shore, a pier, or lines. The enclosed beginner area should contain water of standing depth and may extend to depths just over the head. The swimmer area may be up to 12 feet in depth in clear water and should be defined by floats or other markers. .....

Buddy system
32. Every participant is paired with another. Buddies stay together, monitor each other, and alert the safety team if either needs assistance or is missing. Buddies check into and out of the area together.

Buddies are normally in the same ability group and remain in their assigned area. If they are not of the same ability group, then they swim in the area assigned to the buddy with the lesser ability.

A buddy check reminds participants of their obligation to monitor their buddies and indicates how closely the buddies are keeping track of each other. Roughly every 10 minutes, or as needed to keep the buddies together, the lookout, or other person designated by the supervisor, gives an audible signal, such as a single whistle blast, and a call for .....

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Football Players
Edinson Cavani. Position : Forward Country : UruguayBeing a very useful and establishing himself as the most prolific player in the game, Cavani became a modern hit as he won the Copa America Cup with Uruguay. He was also a part of the Uruguay national squad which s .....
Santa Maria Zobenigo. The Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio is a church in Venice, Italy.The church, whose name translates into St.Mary of the Lily referring to the flower classically depicted as being presented by the Angel Gabriel during the Annunciation), is more common .....
Benefits of Thyme
Carminative. Thyme essential oil, being a carminative and an antispasmodic, forces the removal of gases through downward movement (upward movement is very dangerous) and does not let them build up again. .....
How to Care for Your Nails
Ignore problems. If you have a nail problem that doesn t seem to go away on its own or is associated with other signs and symptoms, consult your doctor or dermatologist for an evaluation. .....
Science Experiments Ideas
Shooting puffed rice. Charge a plastic spoon with a woollen cloth and hold it over a dish containing puffed rice. The grains jump up and remain hanging on the spoon until suddenly they shoot wildly in all directions.The puffed rice grains are attracted to the electrically .....
Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World
Golconda Diamond Earrings. Coming from the Golconda mines of India, they have also been called the Imperial Cushions because of the cushionshaped diamonds. Each earring is around 23.11 carats and they were first seen in May of 2011 at a Christies Magnificent Jewels Spring Sale .....
Benefits of Durian
Ageing. Durian fruit contains good amount of antioxidants which protects skin from free radicals. Ageing is a slow process that starts with increase with age. But, free radicals have stimulated this ageing process atearly age. Antioxidants neutralize these f .....
Benefits of Cucumber
Good for diabetics. Patients ofdiabetescan enjoy cucumber while also reaping its health benefits: cucumber contains a hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas for producing insulin. Armenian cucumbers (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus) are long, crispy, thin-ribbed, curvy .....
Fitness Stretching
Raised Leg Knee Ankle Shoulder and Back Stretch. Knee and Thigh Stretches: Changing the hand position to grasp the toes shifts the stretch to other muscles.Method:Stand upright with weight balanced on the left leg. Flex the right hip and place the right leg (with the knee straight) on a table, benc .....
Weirdest Websites That Rock The Web
patience is a virtue org. If youre not the patient type then we would advise you to never visit this site because it will do to you exactly what it was designed for piss you off to the point where you want to throw your laptop out the window of your fifthfloor apartment. For .....
Interior Design Ideas
Wall mounted bedside table. Ett Hem, a hotel in Stockholm, is filled with great design ideas. A clever space saver for smaller bedrooms is this bedside table, which is built into the panelling of the wall. .....
Fish Aquarium
Head and Tail Light Tetra. The Head and Tail Light Tetra grows to about 2 inches in length and does best in shoals. Colors are more intense with dark gravel and background. Females are just a bit larger than males and have a fuller, deeper underbelly. These fish are also somet .....
Tips to succeed in Love
Make peace with your sexuality. Your femininity and sexuality are powerful forces that at the risk of sounding like a superhero movie can be used for good or evil. Women who are successful at love tend to embrace a healthy perspective of their feminine charms. They dont repress the .....
Tips to successful Relationship
Share power. Ensure that each of you feels that your opinion counts. Research shows that relationships where the female partner feels that she can influence her partner are the most successful. .....
6Ball billiards
How To Play 6 Ball Billiards. This page contains references to some material that is copyrighted by the Billiard Congress of America. Any modification or sale of such information herein is strictly prohibited by the laws governing that copyright. Please direct questions regarding .....
World Flags
Ukraine. two equal horizontal bands of azure (top) and golden yellow represent grain fields under a blue sky .....
Durga Puja
Durga Puja Cards. One of the most awaited festivals, Durga Puja is celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm. It is an ideal way to send an ecard to express your wishes and emotions on this auspicious day. Though, most people prefer ecards considering its flexibilit .....
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